Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogging and journalism or Blogging vs. journalism?

Blogging and journalism aren't the same thing, so decided a conference called Blogging, Journalism & Credibility: Battleground and Common Ground. Librarians even attended this conference to weigh in on the differences.

A few main points discussed at length at the conference were:

  • Ethical standards for bloggers cannot be set for bloggers as they can for journalists. Who do bloggers ultimately report to, or who are they responsible to? No editor or chief of news has an office upstairs from a blogger.
  • Bloggers are not completely without bias, even though they claim to be. Every living, breathing, functioning human being brings experience, education, and life to the computer with them everytime they sit down.
  • Bloggers believe that the mainstream media lacks credibility, as they have to respond to editors, advertisers, the Network. Free from these shackles, bloggers feel that they can investigate and follow stories without restrictions of time or influence
  • Journalists believe that bloggers are fly-by-night operation without standards, ethics, or journalistic training.
  • Anonymity and blogging. Can you trust someone who doesn't even use their real name?
  • Collaborative nature that bloggers and their commenters have that doesn't exist between news viewers and news readers.
  • Fact checking and editing in blogs. Lee Rainie speaks at the conference of the distinction being that journalism is edited before being published, while blogs are edited after they are published.
  • Lawsuits: how to sue a blogger?


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