Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogging, bloggers, and influence: Memogate

Bloggers have been thrust (or have thrust themselves) into the mainstream media spotlight over the past year with their coverage of several news stories.

The 60 Minutes II story about President Bush, his service in the Texas Air National Guard, and a series of memos regarding this service was pounced upon by bloggers in 2004. A 'blogstorm' soon descended, with bloggers using their enormous numbers, technical expertise, and freedom from restrictions of time placed on the mainstream media to wade through the story's sources.

You can find a timeline of the story and the involvement of bloggers

The way bloggers kept their questions and doubts aloft gave the mainstream media (who bloggers refer to as MSM) a bit of a black eye. More to come later on whether bloggers can be 'trusted' or abide by ethical standards.


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