Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blogging? You cannot be serious!

New technology is not always quick to be embraced by the mainstream.

Even some luminaries of the library world have been slow to embrace blogs, or have been downright hostile.

ALA President Michael Gorman wrote a particularly strong
piece that coined the derivative phrase "Blog People" after he received emails of complaint after expressing his reservations about Google digitization projects. His complaint was that Blog People consume information in tiny dribs and drabs, and are probably unfamiliar with the sensation of sitting down and reading a paper book.

Dean of the library school at Indiana University-Bloomington Blaise Cronin was even harsher in his Dean's Notes, calling blogs "the fusion of vanity publishing and the bully pulpit. Every idea, no matter how trite or crazy can see the light of digital day."

Cronin's remarks provoked the Blog People to return fire, prompting his revisiting the issue in another
Dean's Notes. This is despite SLIS students and the school's faculty winning an award for excellence in blog research.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Rachel White said...

Why is it, then, that these otherwise rational professionals are so adamantly opposed to bloggers and blogging?

Is it because it takes writing, publishing, and opining out of the hands of the heavily degreed and puts it onto the computer screen of anyone with access to an internet connection?


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