Thursday, August 25, 2005

Get blogging!

Ready to get started blogging? Here are some links to the most popular "ready made" blogging sites to help you get started.

Each of the sites have minor differences as to account types, having free and paid options, and other bells and whistles. Once you pick a service and start an account, all you need is a computer and an idea!

Blogger Owned by Google. NDLA Blogging for Beginners is hosted by Blogger.

LiveJournal Originally started by a small group of friends. And who doesn't like Frank the Goat?

Myspace is popular with kids and teens and has a blogging option.

Xanga is another site that allows you to share your thoughts with the world.

Journalspace is another popular option that can help you get blogging.

Each of these sites are good for blogging novices. If you have some programming experience under your belt, you might be ready to try more advanced blogging options such as
Movable Type, WordPress, or b2.

See you around the blogosphere!


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