Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Christine on…Why People Blog

Rationale about why people blog is as diverse as the blogs themselves. Some people view blogging as a new, grassroots form of journalism. Some view the personal web page as outdated and the blog as the newer, better choice.

“Blogs combine the immediacy of up-to-the-minute posts with a strong sense of the author’s personality and point of view”.

Weblogs and Libraries by Laurel A. Clyde

Who blogs? "Almost anybody."

Individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, professional associations, universities and colleges, libraries, clubs...

Why blog? "Many reasons and motivating factors have been suggested."

Community service, share expertise, provide alternative to trade magazines, create opportunities for cooperation, make money, career advantage, have fun...

In a study done by Nardi, et. al, five major motivations for blogging were discovered:

1. Blogs as Journals to "Document my Life"
2. Blogs as Commentary: "A Point of View, not Just Chatter"
3. Blogs as Catharsis: "Me Working Out my Own Issues"
4. Blog as Muse: "Thinking by Writing"
5. Blogs to Build Community: "Getting in Conversation with Each Other Electronically"

The Blog Phenomenon by John C. Dvorak

1. Ego gratification
2. Antidepersonalization
3. Elimination of frustration
4. Societal need to share
5. Wanna-be writers

Libraries Join the Blog World

Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library’s Services

Why and How:
1-Promote library events
2-Support dedicated users
3-Engage your community
4-Support your community
5-Build new ties

4-Community tools
5-Subscription lists
6-Headline Syndication, i.e. RSS

(I'm a list person. Can you tell?!)

Examples of library blogs:

Upcoming releases in publishing and entertainment

Online book discussion group in blog form

News for LIS professionals

Photos and updates on new library building construction

Library news, events and resources

News on library resources and libraries around the world

List of library blogs



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