Monday, September 19, 2005

Intro to blogs

Welcome to the blogging world!

blog (n): a web page containing brief, chronologically arranged items of information(pictures, articles, personal thoughts) , also called Weblog, Web log

  • Blogs are a new aspect of the online world. They started around 1998.
  • Blogging really took hold when cheap (as in free!) software allowed the public accessibility.
  • Warbloggers took blogs into a new direction.

Different ideas exist about what constitutes a blog

  • Some believe that blogs are personal
  • Constantly updated with new information

Others believe blogs ae "a cross between a diary, a web site and an online community."

Why blogs are hard to define

  • New technologies
  • Boundary testing
  • Features are more important to users than definitions.

How are blogs useful?

  • Help readers cope with information overload
  • "Contextualizing"
  • Range of perspectives otherwise ignored
  • Specific subject field

Problems with blogging

  • Comments on blogs
  • Spam
  • Vapid content

Libraries and blogs - How can blogs help you?

  • sources of information on a range of topics
  • repositories of ideas and community experience
  • tools for delivering information to those who need it
  • promote services and allow for communication with our patrons

Blogs make kitties happy!