Monday, October 17, 2005

Assorted RSS goodies

Even on my day off, I'm trolling the web to find the best tips to get you blogging, RSS-ing, and eased into the world of online library delights.

Here's a few more RSS related items to wet your collective whistle:

Heard of an Ego Search? You can perform a search on your library's name, yourself, or even a favorite celebrity in a variety of blog and news-friendly search engines, and then subscribe to an RSS feed of the search, so that you can be kept continually updated on new developments with the same keywords! A how-to article and other links available at Search Engine Tricks.

Thomson-Peterson's has started a beta project compiling RSS feeds from a variety of university libraries. Take a look and see how academic libraries are working RSS!

Addicted to library news in a way that can only be cured by RSS? Check out, who boast of monitoring news headlines from 269 library blogs....soon to be 270 if I get my way!


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