Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blogs as presentation media?

Finally! An alternative to PowerPoint poisoning!

Any of you who attended the conference presentation for which this blog was designed, know that a blog may be used in lieu of PowerPoint for presentation purposes.

Blogs as presentation media are visually interesting, communicative, and allow session attendees to take away a synopsis of the presenter's information without lugging around a half pound of paper slide printouts. Also, if the presenter continues to update the blog, the learning process can be extended far beyond the confines of conference time limits.

Here are links to a few articles and blogs who are finding the same results!

Cindy Chick explores blogs as-slide-substitutes on LawLibTech in a two part series here and here.

Steven M. Cohen of Library Stuff points us to Dan Karleen's presentation blog entitled Blogs and RSS in Business and Marketing. Dan's blog has the PowerPoint inspired 'bullet points,' but is a fun and different way of presenting to his audience nonetheless. I especially like his blog template! ;)


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