Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finding your way around this humble blog: Q&A 1

Q: How do I search your blog for a particular entry?

A: You can enter search terms in the text box in the silver Blogger bar at the top of the page. Then, to search entries in NDLA Blogging for Beginners only, click the Search this Blog button. You will be rerouted to a search results page. You can then click on our individual entry titles there.

Q: Can I search multiple blogs from the NDLA BfB blog?

A: Yes! Perform the same search as outlined above, only click on the Search all Blogs button instead.

Q: How do I leave a comment for you on your blog?

A: Just click on the hyperlink that reads comments at the end of each entry. You'll find it on the same line as the author's name, and the time the entry was posted. This will take you to the comments screen.

Enter your comment in the Leave your comment box provided, and then click on the appropriate Choose an identity radio button. If you have an account with Blogger, you can sign in with your username and password, or you can leave an anonymous comment, if you're shy.

Then, enter the text string in the Word verification box (we do this to prevent spam comments), and click on the Login and Publish button.

We've set up our blog to receive comments by e-mail, so your comment will now wing its way to our inbox!

Q: I really like (or hate) one of the entries you have on your blog. Can I email the entry to myself or someone else?

A: Of course! Click on the envelope icon after the comments link. This will take you to the Email Post to a Friend page. Fill in the appropriate boxes, and include a brief message, if you wish. Click on the Send Email button, and a copy of our blog entry will be delivered to the address you indicated.

Check back for Q&A 2 on linking, archives, feeds, and profiles.


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