Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finding your way around this humble blog: Q&A 2

Q: How do I get on your Links listing?

A: We only link to sites that we think are of lasting interest to librarians who are new to blogging, or sites that are local to North Dakota or the Northern Great Plains, where NDLA BfB is officially headquartered.

Feel free to send us an
email if you'd like to be included. The Blogs We Like section of NDLA BfB is still under development.

Q: How do I find your post on blogs as presentation media?

A: You have a choice. You can look for the title of the entry in our Previous Posts section, located in the sidebar on the right hand side. The 10 most recent posts are listed for you there.

Or, if you're more of a search hound, use the search box and a few keywords found at the top of the page.

If you're looking for older items (we currently keep 50 entries on the main page), use the search, or visit the Archives section of the sidebar. The archives are updated on a weekly basis.

Q: How do I link to one of your entries in my own blog?

A: To get to the permanent URL for a particular entry on NDLA BfB, you can click on the individual entry title from the Previous Posts section of the sidebar. This will display the individual entry you were looking for. You can then cut and paste the URL into your own blog.

You can accomplish the same thing by running a search in the Blogger search box, which has been discussed previously.


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