Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From blog soup to blog nuts: designs and theses

If you're still waiting to take the blogging plunge, then Jakob Nielsen's recent article
Weblog usability: the top ten design mistakes is a must read. It's comforting to see that NDLA BfB is doing a pretty good job. I'll see if I can get my fellow bloggers and myself together for a group photo in our Halloween getups.

I wondered how long it would take to see a thesis produced on blogging. James Torio, a master's student in advertising design at Syracuse University has made
Blogs: a global conversation: a master's thesis on the social phenomenon of blogs available on his blog as a PDF file (145 pages, 4.5 MB) , and as 4 chaptered blog entries. I haven't read it all myself yet. As no doubt this blogger's future boss wants to know (see Jakob's point #9), I'm going to save it for my after work hours.


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