Sunday, October 23, 2005

More on blogging and learning

More of your blog, wiki, and RSS questions answered at Trey Martindale and David Wiley's PmWiki entry Blogs, Wikis, and RSS for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development. This wiki (an information site available for editing by its readers) was developed for a session at the 2005 AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) Conference. The electronic options available for dynamic, collaborative learning seem limitless. Don't be afraid to think outside the listserv!

Via Michael Stephens'
Tame the Web blog, here are a few examples of what library science students are doing with their blogs at Natalie's Who Moved My Library? blog. Sure, they started as a class assignment, but who knows where 5 years will find them? Today's library school bloggers are tomorrow's blogging librarians. Give them a read! There are lots of good intro to blogging insights and tips.

More from Michael Stephens and advice for library bloggers (nascent or veteran) in his June 2004 post Ten Things a Blogging Librarian Must Do. As quickly as the online environment changes, some advice remains timeless.

I've heard that some of our conference session attendees have taken the plunge and started their own blogs. Good luck and good blogging!


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